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Friday, July 28, 2006
Bush & Rumsfeld's War: The Soldiers' Reviews are In
And they're not good.

"It sucks. Honestly, it just feels like we're driving around waiting to get blown up. That's the most honest answer I could give you." - Spec. Tim Ivey, 28, San Antonio, a former backup fullback for Baylor University.

"No one wants to be here, you know, no one is truly enthused about what we do." - Sgt. Christopher Dugger, squad leader.

"They say we're here and we've given them freedom, but really what is that? You know, what is freedom? You've got kids here who can't go to school. You've got people here who don't have jobs anymore. You've got people here who don't have power. You know, so yeah, they've got freedom now, but when they didn't have freedom, everybody had a job.
At this point, it seems like the war on drugs in America. It's like this never-ending battle, like, we find one IED, if we do find it before it hits us, so what? You know it's just like if the cops make a big bust, next week the next higher-up puts more back out there." - Spec. David Fulcher, 22, Lynchburg, Va., medic.

Next time perhaps the head honchos will think twice before inflicting this scenario on people who didn't ask for it.
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