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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Dems take the lead in 2008
Interesting results in the latest CNN poll of potential 2008 matchups. Gore and Clinton basically match up evenly with McCain, whereas a few months ago both would have been trailing by 10 or so points. Obama is still slightly too unknown for his numbers to matter much.

Key matchups:
Clinton 47%, McCain 47%
Clinton 48%, Giuliani 46%
Clinton 57%, Romney 34%
McCain 47%, Obama 43%
Giuliani 49%, Obama 42%
Obama 51%, Romney 35%
Gore 47%, McCain 46%
Gore 46%, Giuliani 46%
Gore 53%, Romney 37%

Also notable that 52% of respondents said they would definitely/leaning vote Democratic, versus 32% who said the same for Republican.
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