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Thursday, December 28, 2006
First: Happy Holidays everyone.

As you can see two posts below, I was skeptical about John Edwards's choice for announcement venue. I didn't like the backward, rub-it-in-their-face again attitude it seemed to possess.

After reading the platform and seeing the coverage, I'm softening to it a little bit... the fact that Edwards is going back to his Two Americas theme makes New Orleans a somewhat sensible choice. And the style was appropriate - we've all got to pitch in and help, like me in my jeans and workshirt - rather than an out of touch politician who think everything can be solved from Washington.

So I still like John Edwards, and I'm glad he's in the race. I'm not sure he'd be the best President, though, so I remain more likely to support Hillary, Gore, Obama or Richardson.

ps. Even writing that last sentence makes me extremely confident that we have a much better menu of choices for Pres and VP than do the Republicans.
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