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Monday, March 12, 2007
Hagel postpones, and I think I know why
Chuck Hagel announced today that he is postponing a decision on whether to run for the Republican presidential nomination. He cited wanting to focus on his efforts in the Senate.

I think the real reason is because he wants to see how the race shapes up for a potential 3rd party candidate, and whether anyone else (Bloomberg) gains traction for that spot. The Unite '08 movement that I've written about a lot will field a candidate, and I think today's decision sets Hagel up nicely to potentially be that person.

In other news, Fred Thompson (of Law & Order, and, I guess, the senate) looks like he might step into the race. My opinion of the Repulican side is that it's wide open for a new traditional conservative entrant - be that Newt Gingrich (who recently admitted an affair), Mark Sanford (who carries pigs to the SC statehouse), or someone like Thompson. Brownback and Huckabee haven't seemed to catch on with that crowd.
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