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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Richardson's Foreign Policy Platform
in its early stages (per the NYTimes). i agree with much of this.

Today, before an audience at the Center of International and Strategic Studies in Washington, Mr. Richardson outlined his seven-point plan for foreign policy, which was heavily grounded in diplomacy and the exercise of soft power.
“We must work with our friends, our enemies and everyone in between,” he said.
Here’s the plan:

1. “…repair our alliances.”

2. “…renew our commitment to international law and multilateral cooperation.”
This includes U.N. reform, debt relief, and joining the International Criminal Court, he said.

3. “… reduce greenhouse gas emissions”
Mr. Richardson called for a “man on the moon effort” to improve fuel efficiency.

4. “We need to stop treating diplomatic engagement like a reward for good behavior.”
He criticized the Bush administration’s tactic of refusing to engage with some countries until they make major concessions, and he called for talks with North Korea and Iran.

5. “…focus on the real security threats…”
Those ‘real threats’ include global terrorism and the nuclear arms trade.
“If we want Muslims to open up to us then we need to close down Guantanamo,” he said.

6. Pay more attention to the Americas
The son of a Mexican immigrant who grew up in Mexico City called for comprehensive immigration legislation and for a doubling of the border patrol instead of a fence on the Mexican border.

7. “America needs to lead the global fight against poverty.”
posted by CB @ 4:20 PM  
  • At 10:33 PM, Blogger Hena Gaijin said…

    No. 6 is why he will not get my vote. It's apparent what authority and benefit US Border agents hold by the current tight leash being put on them.

    Build the fence, make it three fold with sensors watched by more agents.

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