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Thursday, February 08, 2007
My current thinking
I'm still trying to figure out who to support for President. My personal current ranking is as follows, but is still subject to some change:

Gore -> just seems to me to be the right combination for this time.
Obama -> he's definitely smart enough.
Clinton -> i think she'd be a good President, but there are unignorable likeability issues.
Richardson -> like his experience, but how could he possibly beat all 4 of these others?
Edwards -> i actually was very impressed by his Meet the Press appearance. he's definitely decided to be straightforward and honest ("yes that means new taxes") this time around, which i admire.
posted by CB @ 4:22 PM  
  • At 10:41 PM, Blogger Hena Gaijin said…

    For me it's way to early to pick a candidate, but I am liking what I hear about first Juliani, then Obama.

    Of your list, I can dismiss Gore, Edwards, and Richardson outright.

    Gore - Too full of himself and too radical.

    Edwards - This guy just strikes me as dishonest to the core; he gives me the willies.

    Richardson - for reasons mentioned in the last post. His foreign service record is good, but I think he is too buddy-buddy toward illegal aliens.

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