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Friday, January 04, 2008
It's now clear to me
After last night, which feels to me like the culmination of what started in the summer of 2003, all the hope we put into Howard Dean and the ability of America to be rational and progressive, and with a new candidate, whose upbringing and demographics - international, young, mixed race - exemplify the future of America, and who has now shown at least twice his ability to deliver a transformational speech, and demonstrated that the movement is finally ripe and being executed upon (not evaporating for fear of losing in 2004), it is now clear to me.

Barack Obama is what we need in a President.

His shortcomings don't matter... they can be made up for with advisors. He has what a President must: presence, leadership, honesty, judgment, trustworthiness, an inspiring voice. All the things that Bush lacks that makes us reviled around the world.

So, John Edwards should run a poverty non-profit, or maybe be secretary of Labor.
Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd should stay in the Senate and be kickass legislators.
Bill Richardson should be a governor.
Joe Biden, I think, should be Vice President.

But Barack Obama should be President.
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