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Monday, January 08, 2007
Don't dis Democracy Bonds has an article criticizing Democracy Bonds, a recurring-donation program of the DNC (to which I am a subscriber, or "bondholder"). Jonathan Hoenig calls this program decieving, because the "bond" doesn't actually return your principal at the end of some period like a normal bond investment.

To that I say: has anyone actually be decieved into thinking that this is an investment, not a donation? I would argue no, and challenge Hoenig to produce such a person. His article doesn't mention anyone. I would imagine (or hope) he tried to find one but couldn't.

I think Democracy Bonds is a great program. It's hard to stomach making a $100 donation all at once, but I'm absolutely willing to give them $10 out of my salary every month to help them build the infrastructure to keep Democrats in government. And I encourage everyone else to do so too.

Personal Note: posting will remain intermittent. I'm quite busy.
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