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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
How's the view from the top, Barack?
I've said it a number of times before, and today I make do. Barack Obama is in the race, so I'm making him co-favorite with Hillary Clinton. A bunch of people might think this is too much buying into the early-race hype. That's a legitimate argument. But I actually think Obama is the real deal. An editor of the Harvard Law Review, with a demonstrated ability to frame issues in new ways and drive public consensus - one of the largest challenges of slow-moving democracies - is a very plausible Presidential candidate.

So today Obama jumps up to 3:1, and I drop Hillary down to 3:1 to match. Next up - an announcement by Bill Richardson will move him up my odds, probably ahead of Al Gore. To me, those are the three contenders (I'm not an Edwards fan this time around) - Clinton, Obama, Richardson.


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