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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
NYTimes Roundup
lots of interesting stuff in the Times today:

A Sensible Voice on Social Security
TG for the (temporary) return of Paul Krugman. The "crisis" is dramatically overstated by Republicans seeking to reduce a government program.

The report finds that extending the life of the trust fund into the 22nd century, with no change in benefits, would require additional revenues equal to only 0.54 percent of G.D.P. That's less than 3 percent of federal spending - less than we're currently spending in Iraq. And it's only about one-quarter of the revenue lost each year because of President Bush's tax cuts - roughly equal to the fraction of those cuts that goes to people with incomes over $500,000 a year.

Red-Diaper Babies
David Brooks cites a worrying trend that most of us know intuitively - Republicans have more babies.

Soldiers get Screwed
Fast-loan lenders around military bases totally rip off soldiers' families.

Not so Reassuring
The U.S.'s Strategic Oil Reserve only covers 2 months of imported oil consumption.

Good Leadership Needed on the Dollar
Jeff Garten, dean of the Yale School of Management (and the Barefoot Contessa's well-fed husband), writes to compel Presidential leadership on solving the currency situation as the Dollar continues to devalue. Suggests postponing or repealing part of tax cuts, and postponing social security reform until we have the deficit under control. Democrats should HAMMER Bush on these issues - his managment of the debt/deficit borders on negligence.
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